Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Back in August when my husband and I moved out to this new area I decided to give myself a list of goals. I was sick of holding myself back and I didn't attend to do so in this new area.

GOALS (more to be added!) From August 2014. 

Glam Glitter and Gore will make it to 200 posts before 2014 is up!
Real Queen of Horror will become a daily read to many.
- Finish filming ONE film before the year is up.
- Step way BEYOND out of my comfort zone.
- Become more confident in myself.
- Take more risk.
- Meet new people.
- Read an inspiring quote a day.
- Never settle for less or SLOP.

Ok, so that's not too shabby, huh? Although I didn't achieve them all, I did a pretty awesome job with the ones I did achieve and I couldn't be happier! What makes this even more rewarding and exciting is that I'm still on the quest to go above and beyond!

There are some goals that will remain because
 I want to continue to grow with it.

- Update Glam Glitter and Gore more! The purpose of this blog is to follow my personal life and career rather if it's in films, fashion or perhaps both!
- Real Queen of Horror to be well known and read on a daily by millions...perhaps, billions?!
- Start doing my video reviews again.
- Start filming movies again  
- Become a buyer or have an *awesome* career in fashion!
- Stay confident.
- Step out of my comfort zone.
- Become more organized.
- Explore my current city more.
- Travel more.
- Try new things.
- Meet new people.
- Continue to learn new things on a daily.
- Never settle for less or SLOP.


Thursday, January 1, 2015


Well, I’m blogging again!

I didn't really make a New Year’s resolutions but I didn't complete a lot of goals I made for myself which isn't bad because there's plenty that I did achieve.

I hope that everyone had a safe New Years!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas!

I hope that you had a great Christmas! My Christmas was absolutely amazing this year. All the hard work I've done was worth it!

Moving on, I realized something incredible today; it's time for a change.

I plan on letting certain things in my life remain private. If you do not approve of me or the things I like, do, etc...I promise you, that's completely fine. However, I refuse to live in a box because it makes others feel more comfortable.

The reason why I bring all that up is due to fact that I've been coming across so many insecure people. In the past, I wasted too much time trying to get the approval of others and now my main focus is to do what I've been put on this earth to do. If you're wondering what that is...wait on it!

Sweet dreams!